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Due to the fast development of the information, technology and Internet, Email has been becoming one of the most popular tool for work and communication. The marketers soon realize that email signature is also a good means for any marketing campaign and apply it into their email.

However, it’s not easy for any marketer can create a good email signature with all the necessary information to catch the readers’ attention.

Being aware of this demand, our HimaSign was given birth in October 2015 to complete this mission. HimaSign is a company including many professional developers in the information and technology area. We are striving the greatest email signatures creator in the world with various services and forms to fulfill your desires in our business world today.

Our mission is to deliver the fastest, simplest but most powerful and efficient tool that can help you to create a professional email signature. By this way, you can convey all of the relevant links for your customers to connect with you which will surely promote your business. We supply you one of the greatest email signatures creators in the world that allow you to customize your email signature with just a few clicks in order to fulfill your expectations in any marketing campaign.

With a lot of outstanding features such as easy to use, lots of available template, easy to customize, brand image support, social link support, multicolor, font and size support, compatible with all major email software and many others, HimaSign will surely satisfy your demand and enhance your business.

Currently, HimaSign are happy to have over … beloved customers, more than … created signatures and about … emails sent with HimaSign.

Also, our HimaSign always listens to the user’s expectation to improve our products. We really hope that with all our effort, our HimaSign – the Email Signature Creator will meet all your demand and help you to kick start your sales, drive the brand awareness and show people that you mean business.

With HimaSign, you can experience the greatest email signature creators ever and maximize your business opportunities.

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If you are on your own, or just starting out, a professional email signature is just what you need to kickstart sales, drive brand awareness and show people that you mean business.
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Your business is growing, you don't have time to create professional email signatures and you understand the importance of outsourcing to design professionals when needed.
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Business is booming, now is the time to get the small details right. Brand all your company emails and take back control of your company’s email signature with a fresh new design.
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